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Opportunity West Virginia is committed to ensuring that West Virginia welcomes and retains an attractive and diverse workforce and a competitive economic climate.

  Opportunity West Virginia is a growing bipartisan movement created in 2015 in response to the introduction of bills that purported to address interstate commerce and the religious rights of employees. Instead, these bills would have significantly eroded employer/employee relationships and exposed employers to additional litigation claims and costs.

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97% of Fortune 500 Companies have inclusive employment policies.

-- equalityforum.com --

What We Do


Opportunity WV brings together like-minded businesses and organizations that understand the need to create work environments that foster a culture of inclusion. We understand that strong workforces stem from attracting talent from all backgrounds. And when people feel comfortable, they are empowered to do great things.

A staggering 97 percent of Fortune 100 businesses have inclusive non-discrimination policies. In fact, the large majority of West Virginians - 68% according to Public Policy Polling (2013) - agree that discrimination against LGBTQ Mountaineers is wrong and should be banned.

Yet these bills fail to keep us competitive statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. We must be able to recruit and retain the best, hardest working, and most talented individuals without impediment if we want to grow our economy. And to do so, we must reject harmful legislation that will hold us back.

When people feel comfortable, they are empowered to do great things.

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Opportunity WV provides a unified voice for the business community on the clear economic and business benefits of inclusiveness and diversity. We urge you to join this movement.
As a member of this movement, you will be informed about discriminatory legislation that would harm your business’s bottom line. And, we will keep legislators informed about the dangerous consequences of passing these bills.
We seek companies and stakeholders willing to lend their name or logo. And when these bills come before committee, you or a group representative may be asked to testify about their deleterious and uninteded business consequences. We are simply committed to competitive business environments and fostering a culture of inclusiveness and innovation.



By signing the Opportunity West Virginia Pledge, we are committed to promoting a competitive, economically vibrant West Virginia. We believe that West Virginia businesses must have workplaces and communities that are diverse and welcoming of individuals of all backgrounds in order to retain an attractive and diverse workforce. We believe that treating all Mountaineers and visitors to our state equally is essential to promoting West Virginia’s reputation for its talented workforce, growing businesses, entrepreneurial innovation, and a thriving tourism industry. It is time to ensure fairness for all employees, residents, and consumers in West Virginia. When people feel comfortable, they are empowered to do great things, and Opportunities open for West Virginia and its People.


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